Culture is a window for human connection

Man created art to convey his inner feelings to others. Art is a collection of works or processes of human creation that are created to influence human emotions and intelligence or to convey a concept.  The arts are a combination of creativity, ability and skill. With the help of art, beauties are doubled and messages are better conveyed. In this center, by connecting with artists around the world in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, music calligraphy.  , Literature, poetry, stories, services tailored to customer needs are provided


  1. painting ,drowning ,caricature, Perform face design order 

  2. production of the hand-knotted carpet panel according  to the customer's design and opinion

  3. poem: Holding online poetry reading sessions

  4. pottery: Accepting the order of producing pottery based on the desires of the customer 

  5. holding a permanent and temporary exhibition of pottery in another world