Raising a company

INTC supports entrepreneurs with setting up a business in the Netherlands. This includes the setup at the public notary, tax services, a physical address, office space, setting up a bank account, general consultancy and much more.


To start a company in the Netherlands, it is not mandatory anymore to physically travel here. You and potential other shareholders can authorize us to act on your behalf. Other extra actions, like opening a bank account, may also be done remotely. The entire procedure can be completed in a very small timeframe, but this can only be achieved when all your documentation is complete and correct though. By far the largest amount of time is spent on the necessary verification of all documents, so please make sure you checked these well.


When we have received all the forms, this is how we proceed:


Step 1

The identity of all the people involved and the accompanying documents are all checked. We also check the availability of your preferred company name.


Step 2

We prepare all the documents for the formation of a business, which will then be sent back to you and possible shareholders to sign. After you place a legalized signature, you send all documents back to us.


Step 3

When we receive the signed documents, we will start the registration procedure. A notary will sign the deed of incorporation and submit the deed of formation to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. You will receive your registration number, which is basically the identification number of your company. At this point, your company officially exists!


The Chamber of Commerce provides us (or you, if you are physically present) with a corporate extract. You will also receive your VAT number. After all this, you can basically start doing business. We support you to immediately take care of all other necessities as well at this point, like opening a bank account and finding a suitable accountant. INTC works with professional accountants who can help you with your tax filings and the annual statement which is published every year at the Chamber of Commerce.


II. Establishment of subsidiaries or branches in the Netherlands

International companies need to choose the appropriate business form when opening a branch in the Netherlands and we will be able to guide you through this process. Our legal services are aimed at assisting the entrepreneur with the setting up of Dutch legal entities with or without the legal personality. If you are unsure about which type of business you would like to start, we can assist you with the advantages of each before you make your choice.