The Team

Who We Are

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Mazyar Timjani

Founder & CEO

Mazyar  Timjani is the founder and CEO of the center.
He has experience in communication and international trade. He is a professional designer and graduates in painting. His main motto is: The customer is the main owner of the center, so everyone works for him.

Solmaz Rezaei

Solmaz Rezaei ,civil engineer ,urban planner .

she has a doctorate in in Geography and Urban Planning. 

Se has written numerous articles and writings on various urban issues and has also produced video clips in this field under the brand "Urbanism Talks". 

She is the author of numerous books in her field of study.

He is also a prolific novelist and poet who publishes his work in the form of text, podcasts and videos.

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Fereshte Salehi

The history of painting in Iran (Persia) dates back to those days when the earlier inhabitants of this land gave shape to what they perceived from the nature, and for many years the art of traditional Iranian painting, simply adorn nature.

Ruud Verkerk


Ruud Verkerk was born in Stolwijk in 1957 and lives in Gouda, in the Netherlands.

After graduating from the Academy of Art in 1980, he became a professional painter.


Farid Sheek

Music Consultant

Today, Sheek is known as a professional musician and composer, seeking to combine different genres ranging from classical to pop, and from traditional Iranian sounds to modern Western influences.